Explorer’s Guide Donations 2021 Survey

As a registered Public Benefit corporation, Explorer’s Guide Online (EGO) is committed to supporting marine safety and sustainability. As such, we donate a portion of a revenues and resources to marine focused non-profits. As we consider what non-profit to support with 2020 earnings, we’d like your input. Please let us know your thoughts by voting for one of the following.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is a non-profit that operates the largest hospital ships in the world. Mercy Ships provide critical, often life-saving operations and humanitarian support to developing nations. Captain Bobby has multiple friends who have served aboard Mercy ships, and he knows the life changing impact Mercy ships has on its patients and the communities it serves.

Coast Guard Auxiliary (CG Aux)

A volunteer organization that assists the Coast Guard with its various mission sets. Every day the CG Aux supports search and rescue, marine inspections, and other essential operations. As a former Coast Guardsman, Captain Bobby knows the value the CG Aux brings to the Coast Guard and boating community, and he’s grateful for everything this organization does.

Wounded Waters

A non-profit with the goal of getting “veterans and military members out fishing so they stop worrying about all the stressors of daily life and know they are not alone.” In addition to being a great organization, Wounded Waters founder, Capt. Klepac, is an Army veteran, and the Explorer’s Guide crew is beyond proud of the work he is doing with veterans.


Do you know of a marine safety or sustainability focused non-profit? We’d love to learn about them and potentially support them with a donation now or in the future.