Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) is a tuition assistance program that pays for vocational and professional training courses for soldiers. Army COOL has recognized Explorer’s Guide Online (EGO) as a premier online provider and added EGO to the approved training provider list. All of us at EGO are beyond excited to be validated by this federal tuition assistance program! More importantly, we’re excited to provide maritime training to soldiers via COOL.  

What Does This Mean?

Army soldiers can earn maritime licenses at zero out of pocket cost. These licenses not only prepare soldiers for entering the civilian maritime workforce but also train them to operate safely on the water. All of EGO licenses are approved by COOL. This means soldiers can earn licenses ranging from Able Seaman to 200 Ton Master to Lifeboatman. EGO offers licenses for every skillset and experience level.

How Do Soldiers Access These Benefits?

To utilize Army COOL, we recommend servicemembers review the COOL process guide. Once reviewed, search for the credential/license you would like to earn using the COOL Full Credential Search. For example, to earn your OUPV (six-pack) license, search “Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel.” This search will return the OUPV credential summary.

Once you review the credential summary for the licenses you are interested in, follow the “Apply for CA” guidelines, select Explorer’s Guide Online as the training provider in your application, and submit to your respective Education Service Office (ESO). 

The EGO team is always happy to assist and answer any questions. We also recommend you work closely with your ESO when applying for COOL.

Note, we have found that when accessing in chrome, a “Your connection is not private” message is displayed. If you see this message in chrome, please try another browser.

Credentialing Assistance (CA) is available on

  • All CA Requests must be submitted directly through ArmyIgnitED. The CA Request does not get submitted through the Education Center or Office.
  • Soldiers must submit CA Requests 30 business days from the start date of the course or exam
  • Soldiers have the option to request counseling from their Education Center or Office at any time prior to creating a CA Request
  • If Soldier does not see the vendor of choice (for training, exam, books, materials, etc.) select “Don’t See a Related Vendor?”. An email will appear requesting specific information which the Soldiers must provide to ACCESS, ArmyU who in turn will contact the vendor to update ArmyIgnitED with the information
  • It may take up to a few days prior to the start date of the course to receive approval email notifications from ACCESS, ArmyU